Singapore Staycation for Culinary Tourism? Let’s Stay at Shangri La

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Singapore Staycation for Culinary Tourism Let's Stay at Shangri La

Singapore staycation is an option for anyone who wants to travel to this country. In Singapore, there are many interesting tourist attractions. Starting from the Singapore Flyer, Singapore Zoo, and also the Singapore Night Safari.

Not only for sightseeing, Singapore is also a good country for culinary tourism. Some hotels offer a variety of foods from various parts of Singapore. There is also food from abroad that is delicious and luxurious. The hotel is named Shangri La Singapore. If you stay at this hotel, you will get the following benefits.

Various Restaurants Option

Shangri-La is a 5-star hotel that also has multiple various selections of restaurants. You can enjoy having a delicious meal, whether for breakfast or dinner. The buffet breakfast is served to guests who stay at Tower Wing. It offers you international cuisine. Additionally, it has food specialties from all over the world, including Asian dishes. 

The second option for having a meal is in the Shang Palace. It is a Cantonese restaurant, which provides delicious dim sum and Peking duck for your lunch. Once you get a chance to try it, you will love it. Another option is Nami restaurant. This restaurant serves you with selections of Japanese menu. Spend your evening here while eating Ramen or Soba. 

Besides, there are also two other restaurants that you can choose. The first is called Waterfall restaurant that has an Italian menu. The second offers local Peranakan cuisine. All restaurants enable you to enjoy its modern atmosphere. Do not miss their signature dishes. The taste and meal will not make you disappointed. 

Classy Restaurant

The experience of eating in a classy restaurant will make your vacation more meaningful. Not only when you walk outside the hotel, when inside the hotel you can try various dishes from a classy restaurant.

Food and drinks are served and have a delicious taste. The chefs will be happy to make a variety of dishes for starters, main dishes, and also desserts. There are Asian specialties, Western food, to Malay food.

Singapore is a country with various cultures. For this reason, the variety of food offered can impress you. Many dishes are kid-friendly. In terms of taste that is not spicy, savory, to sweet. Everything is suitable for those of you who bring children.

Aside from its beautiful amenities, you can also enjoy the hotel’s exceptional service. The hotel has fabulous rooms with the best quality of surroundings. With its large amount of rooms, the service is a little bit impersonal. However, the hotel has high qualified staff. As a guess, you will feel joyful and special. Let’s immediately book a room at Shangri La Singapore, so you can take a walk while on a culinary tour with family.

The hotel may close to the Orchard Road shopping centers. Yet, it is a bit far from the main tourist attraction. This hotel is ideal for you who want to enjoy luxury in a busy city. 

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